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In the past, companies made products and consumers had to use what was available to them. Consumers had to deal with any issues or inconveniences without available technology to improve it and public forums to easily voice their displeasure. In some industries like banking, companies would make it seem more complicated or difficult to understand so consumers would pay even more for the advice of an expert. The company was, for the most part, in charge.

Then social media changed everything. Suddenly consumers could talk directly to brands, and to each other – demanding exactly what they wanted and when they wanted it. The new era of consumer focused brands emerged.

The brands that survived the e-commerce revolution were the ones who understood inherently that the consumer is king. Save the consumer time and money, offer clear, convenient solutions and you are better positioned to win their loyalty.

What do consumers want?

A shopping and service experience that is smooth, personalized and efficient. They want transparency, affordability and options. With all the platforms available to do in-depth research, dealers need to ensure your pricing is competitive because consumers will know if they are getting a fair deal.

Two halves = one whole

Here at we do our best to listen and learn from the consumers, and then share these insights with our customers.

We are here to come up with solutions to address the needs and challenges of our dealer partners. These solutions are designed to connect you with the largest, and most qualified audience of auto-intenders, while also helping you meet consumers in market through contextually relevant advertising and tailor-made products.

We value you as a partner. As a result we have created Carology Insights, an information hub that provides you with Consumer Buying Insights, keeps you up to date on industry trends, and shares best practices for e-commerce and digital advertising. We are all facing a shift in the industry, and want to share knowledge and work together as we evolve to meet the new demands of consumers.

We would love to hear your feedback: both on the library and on our product suite. We are always giving opportunities to our customers to test products, give feedback throughout the development process and ensure the solutions we deliver are optimized to meet our dealers needs.

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