How to Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Detail Page

You’re scrolling through Amazon and come across an item that catches your eye. You click through to the items description page to see the price, check out the reviews and read the description, maybe even add it to your cart, but don’t check out. Amazon then later retargets you with an advertisement of the item while you’re on Facebook because they notice you viewed their product. You’re reminded of your abandoned search and click on the ad, placing an order.
There’s been a lot of debate about the value of a vehicle description page (VDP) view. In the above example, Amazon was able to take the data from your visit—even though you never submitted any information—and lead you straight to the checkout line. With today’s technological advances, we can take advantage of these opportunities and no longer need to rely solely on leads.

Let’s bring this back to the automotive world.

Leads are valuable. As long as it is a quality lead, and your team can respond right away to the request, you have a good chance at converting that lead into a sale. VDP views, on the other hand, always provide you with information about the consumer and supply you with data for your business efforts, whether or not the consumer contacts your dealership during their visit. The better you are at driving traffic to your VDP, the more you can learn about your consumers and what cars they are interested in.

A Google research study showed that a consumer can make about 900 digital touch points over a three-month period when researching their next vehicle purchase. One of those key touch points is your VDP—it’s possible a consumer will check it over a dozen times throughout their research. Ensure it stays top of mind with all the information they need so it can be their last touch point before they head to your showroom.

Your VDP is the most convenient location for a consumer to find all the relevant information they need. By filling your VDP with relevant context and specific details about a vehicle, you are poised to capture a potential buyer’s attention. Consumers don’t want to make a phone call for the information they want, they want it all online and that’s what you need to be able to deliver. This is why VDPs are so important for your business.
What exactly do VDP views mean, how can you benefit from them and why do we think they are an important metric to measure?

Each click through to your VDP is measured as a view: These clicks on your advertisement or priority listing (PL) on a search results page caught the attention of that consumer and they want to learn more.
VDP views help you dial into your shopper traffic and identify which vehicles consumers are more interested in. This can help you adjust your advertising budget accordingly and improve the merchandising of vehicles that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Lots of views? Your merchandizing and marketing is performing well.
Minimal views? There’s room for improvement.
Lots of views but no interest? Maybe you are missing key information or the photos aren’t good enough quality.

Some argue that with a lead you can follow up with a consumer if they decide not to take action after they call or submit a lead online. The other side of the coin is that this is the exact reason consumers these days don’t submit leads—they don’t want to be bothered if they aren’t ready to make a purchase. With VDPs you can build out your consumer touch points and get even more data about your audience and their behavior—all without disrupting their shopping experience.

Do you know what your VDP analytics are telling you? Do you know how to deliver on those areas of improvement?

TRFFK powered by sets up your digital advertising campaign based on your dealership’s website data and marketplace data. With this information we are able to retarget consumers who have shown interest in your VDP in the past. This extremely powerful data set is created uniquely for you to lead more people to view your vehicles and arrive on your lot armed with the information they need to know.
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