From Click-through to Showroom, How to Write a Description that Sells

A powerful description will make the difference between your vehicle grabbing the attention of an online shopper or being passed over. Every day on we see that having a compelling description is crucial for making it onto a buyer’s shortlist.

Highlight the best features
Separate your inventory from the rest of the field by highlighting your vehicle’s pedigree. Provide in-market consumers with the transparency and detail they expect by answering all of their questions before they even ask them.

Point out special features and have all the details in the description. Don’t forget to include keywords to boost your listings’ online search performance: You might consider including updated safety features, entertainment equipment, and advanced convenience systems, like keyless entry or push-button start.
Be sure to mention if there’s a sale, promotion or special event.

Include key differentiators
When posed with similar vehicles, customers want to know what makes this specific vehicle unique. Remember, online shoppers are doing a lot of research. By including information on the vehicle’s unique set of high-value options, the condition of the vehicle, whether the price is comparable to others, you’ll gain the trust of your consumer.

In order to do this, you’ll have to investigate and understand the current marketplace and try to anticipate what your customers might be looking for: vehicle history, specifications for make and model, or even the manufacturer’s name for the vehicle’s paint colour—concrete details that shoppers can use to compare your inventory to other listings.

Offer trusted references
Boost consumer confidence in your dealership, your personnel and your inventory by including third-party validation and a consumer perspective. Examples include CARFAX (formly known as CarProof), vehicle maintenance history, CPO details if applicable, industry accolades, owner reviews, crash-test ratings, and make/model reviews from various editorial publications.

Tell a story
Speak to your customers by offering them everything they would need no matter who they are. Consider the vehicle and the audience: Would a parent want to know safety features or suspension details? Would an auto enthusiast want to know engine displacement or cargo capacity?
This is your chance to let people know why this vehicle fits their needs.

Save time with AutoWriter
AutoWriter is coming soon to Canada. Part of the vAuto product suite, AutoWriter is an automated description writer that generates rich and compelling descriptions for each vehicle. It helps dealers emphasize key attributes of their inventory, highlight awards won by makes and models, promote dealership incentives—and of course, provide all the details on specifications.

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