How to Increase Turn on Your New Car Inventory

Sales of new vehicles across Canada climbed to an unprecedented high this year, beating last year’s all-time record for parts of spring selling season. February saw 128,313 units move; and this strong sales momentum continued into March, with 189,971 vehicles sold.

Ensure this increase reaches your dealership with two simple steps:

  • List your vehicles online. While listing new vehicles online is a newer trend in Canada, our southern neighbors have seen success with this tactic and it is now widely used.
  • Invest in quality merchandising. Our research shows that 9 out of 10 shoppers want an extremely efficient purchase process with all the details available in their online research phase.
    The way you present your cars can determine whether your prospects buy from you or the competition. Online inventory should have compelling vehicle photos; clear, context-driven descriptions; and car specification facts and figures.

Car Shopping is Evolving

Canadians are buying more new vehicles—and the way they’re buying them is changing: 46% of car buyers said they’re likely or very likely to consider purchasing a vehicle online, according to Google Think Auto, 2018.

And it’s not just the consumers: almost 60% of dealers say opportunities lie in online advertising, while 46% say opportunities can be found in selling cars online. It’s clear the next step is to list new car merchandise on the web and stay ahead of the curve.

In a nutshell, you need to take tangible steps that will make the car-buying experience as frictionless as possible, and make your vehicles accessible to a broader audience. The path to success hinges on quality photos, vivid descriptions and real-time responses that demonstrate authenticity and allow you to build relationships with potential customers even before they step into your showroom.

Being prepared will pay dividends later because e-commerce is chipping away at all traditional shopping methods—and that includes car-buying.

E-Commerce in the Auto Industry

Automotive retail will continue to experience internet-driven disruption on the heels of overall e-commerce growth. Retail e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to reach US$4.88 trillion by 2021 compared to US$2.3 trillion in 2017—more than double, in just four years—according to Statista.

Shopping habits and consumer buying journeys are changing fast and the ability to purchase cars online is becoming a concept many are getting comfortable with.

This will become especially important for new car shoppers. Whereas with a used car, buyers may still want to check the condition of the vehicle; with new vehicles—as Tesla has proven—e-commerce could become the reality sooner rather than later. For now? More and more new car shoppers are showing up on the lot ready to purchase.

Make sure that it’s your lot they pick.

Reach over 8 million new car shoppers online and list your new car inventory on today.

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