Make the Best Digital First Impression with Photos

When you see a product listing on eBay or Amazon—an iPad, for example—and it has grainy, poorly lit photos, does it inspire confidence? Are you more likely to buy from that seller, or less?

The answer is obvious: you want to move on to a vendor that looks like legitimate business, not someone selling electronics out of their basement. If you wouldn’t buy even something like an iPad from a seller with low-quality photos, how can any auto dealership expect potential customers to choose them when they have similarly subpar photos of their inventory online?

Keeping photos up-to-date with online inventory takes time and resources and for this reason it is often neglected. However, the dealerships willing to put in the time and resources to keep their marketplace inventory up-to-date with quality photos have a significant edge over their competitors.

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Good Photos

Our brains process graphical information 60,000 times faster than text. So before you’ve even had a chance to read the copy in an advertisement or product listing, your brain has already begun to interpret, analyze, and form value judgements about the images your eyes are taking in.

When auto intenders are looking to buy a car or just want to get information on a particular model, the first thing they do is an online search. 83% of consumers, in fact, will consult dealership websites to find information on vehicles that interest them. The photos on the marketplace are your digital first impression, and during those first few seconds when they see the images on your Vehicle Detail Page, consumers are making judgements about not just the pictures, but your business as a whole. Bad photos are a major deterrent and may send that consumer to a competitor.

Get Your Photos to Work for You

Your photos tell a story. When a potential customer looks at your car, they want to be able to envision themselves behind the wheel, driving around in comfort and having a great time. When they see a professional photo they envision a professional dealership and vice versa. Those feelings inspired by the photos are, in many cases, what ultimately leads visitors to come in and see the car for themselves.

Just as a change in clothing, lighting or camera angles can make a person look drastically better in a photo shoot, those same factors (plus a wisely chosen background) can shape a compelling story about your car, and allow visitors to imagine how much their lives would be enhanced if that car was a part of it.

In a very real sense, the photos of your inventory are the first sales reps consumers interact with. That’s why TRADER offers its Capture services to car dealerships who want their inventory to shine. With Capture, your dedicated expert photographer will come to your dealership as often as once a week to take high-quality branded photos of your inventory to display the value of your cars, and inspire confidence in your business.

Capture services also include 24-hour turnaround for your photos to be updated to the marketplace.

Try out Capture today and get 2 cars on your lot captured for free.

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