Top Ways To Use Social Media For Your Dealership

Instagram recently rolled out their shopping feature in Canada along with eight other countries. This new feature makes posts “shoppable” by tapping on products that can then be clicked on to purchase. This is just another example of social media’s ability to offer a personalized e-commerce experience and reach people where they live online, on the device of their choice.

Social media is a primary way in which brands can talk directly to consumers. This real-time in-market tool is not one you want to miss out on. Here are some ideas to harness the power of social media and turn curious browsers into committed buyers:


An American study done by and GfK reports 84% of car consumers browse Facebook, with 28% of those adding a specific dealership to their consideration as a result of seeing a Facebook post. This is a great tool for dealerships to generate loyalty from their customers, as good word of mouth—in the form of reviews and likes—help with the initial evaluation process. In fact, 31% of the people who said they would provide feedback said they’d post it on FB (12% on Instagram): this is where dealers need to be ready to monitor and respond to feedback and reviews.


Having a presence on LinkedIn adds credibility to your dealership and helps connect you to business-minded professionals. It’s a great way to network with industry professionals, and to learn new tricks of the trade through your peers. While it’s not a great place to sell cars or reach consumers, LinkedIn is a great resource for industry best practices and to keep your finger on the pulse of industry news and upcoming trends.


A study done by Fluent reveals that millennials are turning more of their attention to Instagram. While the shoppable feature is not yet available for car purchases, consumers can still use this platform to engage with merchants. Instagram is a great way to bring customers into your dealership, before they ever step foot inside your door. Use pictures or video to show off your vehicles. Utilize artistic photos to show unique features or special trims; create a look and feel that is specific to your brand. Share stories to show what your employee and dealership culture is really like and let consumers get to know you and your team through stories and live video. Don’t forget to use hashtags to maximize your post reach.


According to Google, 69% of car consumers plan to watch a video the next time they are in the market for a car. They’re researching information on model comparisons, safety features, connected devices and other content to help them make a decision. Consumers even use YouTube to post reviews: Google Think Auto reported an emergence of “First Ride” videos that walk a viewer through every step of a consumer’s first day with their vehicle.

YouTube is a great place to post walk-around videos or an introduction to your sales team. Take the time to ensure these videos are high-quality: remove any background clutter and give them a unique look and feel host them on a YouTube channel then embed them into your website for more organic visibility.

Upcoming Social Media Trends

While these platforms remain in the lead in terms of users and engagement, new trends have emerged within the platforms. In 2018 it is predicted we will see a significant rise in live videos and augmented reality features (a technology that superimposes computer-generated images into the real world through a device.) Facebook’s video platform Watch, recently launched in the U.S., and while there is no date for a Canadian launch—the platform creates yet another medium for consumers to post review videos.

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